Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moving on?

Having ingested quite a bit of material about Rex Grossman, erstwhile QB of the Chicago Bears, I am amazed at the American sports fan’s willingness to overdose on such a non-topic. Or maybe it’s the American Sports Media Machine’s willingness to overdose on such a non-topic. I mean we have to fill the non-stop news cycle with something, right? So why not fill the airwaves and websites with endless debate?

Yes, Rex hadn’t played well in quite some time, dating back to last season.

Yes, that fabulous Bears defense deserved better from their offense.

Yes, it took too long for Lovie Smith to make the call to bench Rex.

Now that the call’s been made, can we move on now? And does anyone really think that Brian Griese is going to change the situation much? It’s been three years since Griese’s had any meaningful completions, and no matter what they say, we don’t really know whether Rex’s problems were all of his own making, or if that Bears O-line is worse than what we thought.

Doesn’t matter, really, how Griese does. I’m just glad that Rex Grossman can take a break from the constant oversight and Jay Mariotti will have to find someone else’s name to pun.

And again...

Gundy, Gundy, Gundy.

I'm telling you - it's all about the orange.